Coalition for Senior Matters Conference

What is Senior Matters?

 SENIOR MATTERS is a dynamic presentation of ideas, goods and services, sponsored by AgingOptions

With 10,000 American’s turning 65 each day, there has been an explosion of specialists focused on the needs of those seniors. Amazing work is being done in different fields, but the work is largely invisible to the consumer. Among the fields that have emerged in the area include Geriatric Care Management, Palliative Care, Placement Agencies, new versions of senior housing alternatives, home care agencies, financial specialists specializing in seniors, elder law attorneys, reverse mortgage specialists and the like. However, the efforts of many in the field seem to be fragmented and not necessarily coordinated leading to conflicting planning recommendations being given by different professionals. AgingOptions believes in the work being done cross professionally and is organizing a multi-disciplinary conference on the subject so that the players can develop a better understanding of what other fields offer by way of solutions for aging seniors. The goal of the conference being to develop a comprehensive multi-disciplinary solution to help the aging population.

To that end AgingOptions is organizing a gathering of the leaders in the healthcare, housing, financial, tax and legal professions dedicated to the senior population in Washington state. The conference, SENIOR MATTERS, will be held Jan. 27 and 28 at a location to be determined later.

Participants will include groups of Palliative and Hospice physicians, Geriatricians, Geriatric Care Managers, Social Workers, Accountants, Financial Planners, Placement Specialists, representatives from the senior housing community, Elder Law Attorneys, Professional Guardians, and related support services representatives. Participants and sponsors will engage in relaxed networking and share information in intimate, small group workshops. All will be given prime access to exhibitors and sponsors. For businesses and professionals seeking to reach the Washington elder care market, there has never been a more direct means of marketing elder care services and products than with SENIOR MATTERS. Because of our growing multidisciplinary mission, you will find that SENIOR MATTERS is an attorney convention, an accountant convention, a care manager convention, a guardian convention, a social worker convention and a meeting of assisted living facilities representatives all at one select gathering. Registration of attendees is being limited to allow for quality interaction. For you, the number of sponsors and exhibitors are also limited, to provide for a greater highlight of your products and services. As Chair of the Program Planning Committee, I am very pleased to invite you to join us in this venture. Should you require any additional information, please contact Saket Sengar, at 253.661.3249 or via email at I look forward to welcoming you to SENIOR MATTERS.

—Rajiv Nagaich –
Chair, Senior Matters – Because Seniors Matter
Event Schedule
(Professionals) June 9th - 8:00AM - 6:30PM, 300 seats (Consumers) June 9th - 8:00AM - 6:30PM, 1000 seats