Break Out Sessions 1:30 – 2:45 p.m.

Break Out Sessions

  1. Dementia and End of Life

    Speaker: Mimi Pattison, MD

    Explore the many dimensions of dementia and the major health care challenges at the end of life.

    Learn how to create a comprehensive approach to dementia care over the entire course of the disease.

  2. Long Term Care Insurance – Its Many Forms & Is It Worth It?

    Speaker: Brian Ott, CLTC, CLA

    Learn about what Long Term Care Insurance really covers, when is the best time to buy, and what are the main factors in determining rates.

  3. Non Crisis Planning – How Preplanning Can be the Difference

    Speaker: James Bates, Esq.

    The session will review the inadequacies of traditional estate planning and will provide the attendee a glimpse to how proper legal planning can go a long way in securing assets, helping minimize burdens left on family member and defining a path to avoid institutional care.

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