Break Out Sessions 3:15 – 4:30 p.m.

Break Out Sessions

  1. The Preventative Care and Possible Reversal of Dementia in Older People

    Speaker: Jerry Mixon, MD

    Normal aging is accepting the progressive decline in physical and mental capacity that normally

    accompanies aging. This is not how it needs to be. Dr. Mixon will review the changes in medicine that make it possible for most today to get ahead of illnesses and avoid the problems that come with ‘normal’ aging. It is a unique perspective that can help American’s get a second chance at a better life in later years.

  2. Stop Winging It! Help Your Clients Really Understand Their Long-Term Care Options

    Speaker: Jullie Gray, MSW, LICSW, CMC

    This session will explore the continuum of long-term care options and discuss why the level of care matters. We will discuss pros and cons of various options and review the costs of each option

  3. When a Guardianship is Necessary: Is a Guardianship Necessary?

    Speaker: Beth McDaniel, Esq. & Mindi Blanchard, M. Ed, CPG

    This section on Guardianship will clarify what a guardianship is and is not; and when a guardianship is truly necessary. Discussion will focus on issues

    surrounding the need for a guardianship, ways to avoid a guardianship, and how designating an attorney-in-fact can avoid a guardianship.

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