Brian Ott

Brian Ott, CLTC, CLA is a Certifi d Long-Term Care Specialist, and founder of 525 Advisors LLC. As an independent company, 525 Advisors specializes in long-term care planning and works with all the major insurance companies offering various programs. Brian is also a Certifi d Agent for the 3in4 Need More Association which is a non-profit association formed to provide education and informational resources to raise national awareness for the need to develop a long-term care plan. Brian has developed an educational approach to helping people put a long-term care plan in place and is well versed in the various types of plans available including; Asset Based, Linked Benefits, Traditional Risk Based and State Partnership Programs. Brian is also well versed on the tax benefits due to recent changes in the Pension Protection Act and how they play a part in setting up a qualifi d long-term care plan as well as the many different approaches to funding a qualifi d plan. Brian has earned the CLTC designation which stands for “Certifi d in Long-Term Care”. CLTC graduates have completed a rigorous multidisciplinary course that focuses on the profession of long-term care planning.

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