Mindi R. Blanchard

Ms. Blanchard holds a bachelors degree in Health Education from Central Washington University and a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in counseling from City University. She was certified as a professional guardian in 2002
and in 2003, she founded Bridge Builders, Ltd, where she is President and owner. In 2008, she contracted with the State to provide guardianships through the Public Guardianship Pilot Project. In 2011, she was a finalist for the Small Business
Association’s Small Business person of the Year Award, having been nominated by her business advisor. Since 2004, she has provided continuing education events for certified professional guardians starting with an annual two-day conference.
In 2014, in response to requests from certified professional guardians in Eastern Washington, provided a two-day conference which will has been requested as an annual event. She also offers a variety of seminars and online training
throughout the year. While Bridge Builders, Ltd is a certified professional guardian agency, she and her staff also provide care management, fiduciary services from basic bill pay to trustee, can be designated as a power of attorney and personal
representative of the estate as well as consulting services with the goal of helping to avoid the need for a guardianship.
Bridge Builders, Ltd offers a membership program for local residents who need a local emergency contact where she and her staff are on-call for the members 24/7 for urgent needs. Ms. Blanchard started a non-profit, The Guardian Institute, in
2013 with the goal of providing much needed resources to lay and professional guardians. Ms. Blanchard was a speaker for the 3rd World Congress on Adult Guardianship, which was held in Arlington, Virginia in May 2014. She is a member
of the National Guardianship Association and the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers.
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